capshun Builds A Shining Empire Of Perseverance With His ‘Ethos’ EP

The world capshun created from his journey is filled with many qualities, emotions, and shining tones. His way of implementing vast storytelling throughout his works is simply breathtaking. Creating senses of hope, peace, and true strive with every release. Never backing down for a second, this artist has inspired many while showcasing major upgrades to his own techniques and songwriting. And with his newest EP, Ethos, finally out in the world, he’s yet again pushed his boundaries over the limit! Creating another unique collection of priceless artifacts of sound. that are fit for a museum.

For me ‘Ethos’ is my creative exploration in the sounds of the culture that I like listening to and making right now. The word ethos is defined as ‘the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution.’ So I took time to listen and have my ear down to the music and culture of the electronic scene and implement those into my own sound. – capshun

What makes this EP special and exciting is how easily you can hear his true form taking flight above the clouds and dazzling his audience with intricate arrangements, gorgeous sound design, and magnificent textures. Making up five individual realms to explore and get lost in for all eternity. All connected together like well-nurtured roots from a tree. Working together in harmony. Resulting in an everlasting vision taking the spotlight. Leaving you with a euphoric and empowering feeling. From electronic trap to drum n bass, this work of art is nothing but outstanding. He’s honored the capshun name and what it stands for with pure might and passion from beginning to end. Easily his best work to date! So make sure to show your support by streaming Ethos everywhere!