Pala Chrome Discovers Nature’s Secrets And Wonders With His ‘Concrete Jungle & In The City’ EP

Emanating pure beauty and color, Pala Chrome‘s newest EP will put listeners into an absolute stasis! His crisp and unrelenting power through production will impress and inspire many within the music environment. Showcasing what he’s truly made of! Honoring his past, present, and coming future through poetic tones and rhythms. With only two tracks on this project, he’s delivered a fun and energy-infused experience for many to enjoy. With the help of The Moon and Rhys Fataar, you’ll be guided down a spiral of pure wonder and mystery with these tracks.

With his previous alias closed a while ago, Pala Chrome’s newest journey of knowledge and success has been memorable. His sound has captured the hearts of many while working day and night to improve his skills to the next level. Always staying true to his environment while constantly bringing his listeners timeless and unique works of art. And this EP does not disappoint in the slightest.

‘Concrete Jungle’ with The Moon elevates his signature style completely. Through a crisp and fast-paced rhythmic structure combined with deep and impactful vocals, it’s a journey you won’t see coming. That dark and saturated bass line will flow through your minds and souls with grace. Making this such a strong and powerful entity and chapter.

‘In The City’ together with Rhys Fataar tackles the pop genre and really blends it well with his drum n bass atmosphere. It’s the perfect piece to throw on for those long drives along the coast or through a mighty forest. Gracing you with its presence, it’s a soft yet impactful arrangement filled with beautiful spacing, pacing, and sound design all around. Bravo to every one that’s a part of this project, it’s simply gorgeous. So make sure to show your support by streaming his newest EP everywhere via Quality Goods Records!