Bootleg Business – Vol. 1

Welcome to the first volume of Bootleg Business, a brand-new FUXWITHIT original column, that celebrates the unsung art of unofficial remixes. Every month I’ll go back to back with a guest, showcasing a selection of our favorite edits, dubs, or whatever you want to call them. This will be a space free from the pressure to keep up with new music. Our guests will be free to dig into their libraries for long-forgotten gems as well as select the hit of the moment. Strictly unofficial.

For this pilot episode, we decided to kick things off in-house with a b2b between me and FUXWITHIT’s very own Colin aka classyvlassy. He’s a true basshead, so expect some trap bangers from his selection, alongside some hip hop and even drum&bass. From my side, I couldn’t resist selecting some well-known cuts but I believe you won’t be disappointed (the obscure stuff will come in the next episodes, trust me). Also, don’t worry, we don’t have any ‘Rumble’ edits.

Rude Boy (Klean Remix)

Hold on and read what I have to say before rage-quitting this article. I know this remix has almost half a million plays on SoundCloud alone and has been spammed all over the internet in the past week. But that’s exactly the reason why it’s here. It perfectly embodies the spirit of this column. Think about it: the most talked about moment of 2023’s Super Bowl (musically speaking) has been an unofficial edit uploaded by a Brazillian teenager on his SIDE ACCOUNT, with just a few thousand followers. Crazy, eh? I’ll say it one more time, unofficial creations keep the music world fresh and exciting.  That’s why I wanted to open Bootleg Business with this track. It’s its manifesto.

CLB – Bootlegs [002]

The title alone makes this a must for our selections. Chicago’s CLB is well known for his ability to give tracks he loves a darker and dirtier spin, and that’s just what he delivers on his second release of bootlegs. The 3-track offering sees CLB flipping tracks from Kunta Kinte, Skelecta x Distinkt, and Wiley Cat. The pack provides an insight into the sounds that influence the artist, shines a light on often-overlooked underground gems, and simply fucking bangs. Exploring the realms of 140 and grime, the icy bangers are built for dingy basements and beastly sound systems. Those looking to embrace the dark recesses of bass music will be delighted. Fans hoping for pop-friendly EDM bops will be frightened. Bootlegs [002]  is yet another example of why we love CLB.

Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (camoufly Remix)

The first time I heard this remix I was languishing in a complete hangover after one of the many nights out during ADE. Once I heard the drop, I was reborn, ready for another party. This remix is a certified banger. It hits harder than a bottle of Jäger gulped down in one breath. When thinking about ‘Hey Hey’ I used to recall the sensual house vibes of the original or the hyperactive disco groove of the Riva Starr remix. Now all I can think about is me fighting for my life in a mosh-pit. Good job camoufly.

Fred again.. – Kammy (like i do) (So Dope Bootleg)

So Dope flexes his talents as a remixer with a unique flip of Fred again’s ‘Kammy (like i do).’ The fresh take embodies all of the emotion of the original while injecting a distinct level of knock. The original vocals tie the track together as So Dope adds in lush pads and beefed-up drums before exploring three unique drops. Moving from trap, to club and wave, this bootleg truly checks all of the boxes, making it primed to ring off at clubs without sacrificing any of the feels.

Polarkreis 18 – Allein, Alene feat. Nephew (Voliik remix)

Let’s go step by step. I’m a huge fan of Eric Prydz. His remix of ‘Allein Allein’ is one of my favorite tracks from him and it made me fall in love with these vocals. Voliik is one of the most fascinating and skilled producers I know. What could go wrong with the combination of all these elements? Voliik’s electro treatment is brutal and extreme as always, but it perfectly matches the adrenaline rush triggered by the vocals, in this version sung by the Danish band Nephew.  Indeed, this is actually a remix of a rework of the original Polarkreis 18′ song. Confused? Read the SoundCloud description for the full, beautiful story behind this remix.

Lil Yachty – Poland (Formula & Nautika Bootleg)

I’ll admit that I’m a bit behind on this one. Released late last year, Formula & Nautika take Lil Yachty’s ‘Poland’ into the world of DnB. Let me start by saying this really shouldn’t be this good. That’s not a knock on Formula & Nautika’s talents because they prove them in stripes. It’s just rare that a DnB flip of a SoundCloud rap hit sounds this well crafted. Yachty’s addictive and simplistic vocals make it feel instantly familiar but the way they’re bent and stretched creates melodic layers that are damn near spiritual. The drops hit with maximum impact while still remaining infectious and uplifting. This song is simply too much fun. Don’t blame me if this is stuck on repeat for the foreseeable future.

Mr. Carmack – lean on rmx (1great dane totally helped too)

Here’s another widely popular, or I should probably say iconic, remix. I’ve been sharing this version of ‘Lean On’ left and right for six years now, it would simply be a crime to not include it in Bootleg Business. Long life to Carmack (and Great Dane too) for this gem and for that album full of random beats he dropped in 2017.


What happens when you flip Atlanta rap classics into hard-hitting bass cuts? ATL native PRYZMS decided to find out and we couldn’t be more grateful for it. Leaning into his early influences, TALES FROM THE DIRTY SOUTH RE:MIXTAPE is a love letter to the iconic sounds of his city that also show off his undeniable skills. Blistering trap and bass is elevated by vocal samples from rap staples that include ‘In The A,’ ‘Kryptonite,’ ‘Dirty South,’ ‘ATLiens’ and more. This is untapped SoundCloud gold that’s ripe for mining. Bask in the sonic riches.

SOOHAN – Missy Tribute

“A supercut of Missy Elliot’s hardest lines running atop a selection of Timbaland’s best cuts.” This is how SOOHAN himself described this cut, and to be honest, it’s pretty self explicative. There’s nothing much to add about the song (it slaps!) but I can’t stress you enough to check SOOHAN’s full discography. He’s a remix wizard and sample genius. On top of that, he doesn’t limit himself to pop remixes but he mainly incorporates and explores sounds from all over the world. His SoundCloud profile is a true encyclopedia.

Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Fabian Mazur Remix)

With the recent release of not one, but two new Skrillex albums, it’s probably safe to say you’ve been inundated with Skrillex remixes as of late. So why not lean into it with a fresh approach? Rather than taking on ‘Rumble’ or one of the iconic producer’s recent releases, Fabian Mazur has instead opted to take on Sonny’s all-time classic ‘Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites.’ With the original now well over a decade old, a fresh flip actually feels like a unique take. Fabian Mazur leverages the vocals and signatures from OG while completely flipping it on its head for a trapped-out twist that’s primed for the FUXWITHIT audience. Flipping a classic is always a difficult task, but Fabian Mazur always rises to the challenges ahead of him.

Words by Alessio & Colin