Bay Area-based producer WINK has been on an undeniable ascent. First landing on our radar last year in Focus Five, he continued to impress with a relentless guest mix back in February. Today he takes things to another level with the release of his four-track EP ‘THRILL’ on NIGHTMODE.  The project marks his evolution as an artist delivering his best work to date while expanding his range.

The lead single ‘WHERE2GO’ opens the project with a commanding allure. The haunting vocal bends coast over the jazzy production for a laidback opening that explodes into a barrage of beastly trap. The break returns to the jazz-inspired groove with muted horns before adding some grit with drill-inspired 808 slides… and there’s still another drop to cap it off.

‘GETAWAY’ offers an evocative escape with entrancing vocals dancing over exotic flourishes. Filthy low-end, chopped rap vocal samples, and dizzying synth tones collide with tribal percussion for a mind-racing ride. Allowing time to catch your breath comes a sweeping cinematic soundscape that makes the sprint through the jungle that much more exhilarating.

‘SHAKEN’ sees the producer exploring new terrain with a genre-bending adventure. The catchy vocal tones offer a sense of nostalgia while chilling undertones give it an icy hot feel. The filtered first drop offers a subdued bump that progresses into pure excitement. The most surprising turn comes in the final hard-hitting minimal drop that’s built around a pounding kick drum and is expertly enhanced with carefully selected samples and melodic flourishes.

Offering an exceptional finale comes ‘TELLMEWHY.’ Brooding phaser chords linger under snappy percussion, shimmering pads, and a heart-hitting vocal. The emotive vocals are pain-stricken with a slight hint of beauty. Swirling melodies and sweet bongo fills show the impressive result of his willingness to take chances. ‘TELLMEWHY’ is a soul-stirring work of art that’s rich with feels without sacrificing its punch and originality.

Blurring the lines of trap, wave, house, and beyond, WINK delivers a refined body of work that is meticulously crafted, technically impressive, and a true pleasure to listen to.

The name ‘Thrill’ encapsulates the rush of a fleeting moment, which is conveyed by the music being so high energy. ‘Thrill’ also describes what WINK is truly about, as the slogan “WINK AND YOU’LL MISS IT!” surrounds everything. Not only does this EP have my signature sound on full display, it also expands into new sonic territory, as my goal was to introduce new sounds and genres while keeping them true to my style.

Stream WINK’s ‘THRILL’ EP below via NIGHTMODE.