G Jones Breaks Barriers With Sophomore Album ‘Paths’

G Jones set the bar incredibly high with the release of his debut album The Ineffable Truth back in 2018. Creating a contender for electronic album of the year, the artist unveiled an unparalleled ability to mesh beauty and chaos under the broad envelope of bass music, and none have been able to reproduce that dichotomy with such grace. Since then, G Jones has continued to showcase why he’s considered among the most unique producers in the game through a handful of EPs, singles and remixes, as he consistently manages to stay true to his sound without omitting an innovative feel.

All of the previous works have culminated to today, as G Jones is now ready to share his sophomore album Paths with his loyal (and surely growing) fanbase. As mentioned, topping The Ineffable Truth appeared to be an insurmountable feat, but knowing that G Jones constantly strives for perfection left hope for greatness. And with Paths, greatness was achieved. It seems that so many established electronic artists have released albums in 2023, thus creating immediate hype before fizzling out in a week or two. However, Paths is sure to become a timeless record. It’s the evolution of G Jones as an artist, further demonstrating his ability to weave through a plethora of sonic territories without ever sounding disjoint.

Paths spans eleven tracks and just over 36 minutes, with G Jones surprisingly choosing to omit one of the track’s singles, ‘Daydreams,’ from the album. It’s simultaneously exactly what one could expect from the artist, yet so much more. It’s a multi-genre opus that refuses to conform to a singular genre. It’s lively and introspective. It’s chaotic and controlled. It’s G Jones.

To accompany the project, G Jones and his visual collaborators have meticulously crafted an entirely new audiovisual world: Paths Live. Promising to be an incredible experience, be sure to catch the artist on his tour in a city near you, and dive into Paths below.