219 Boys Are ‘Certified’ House Gurus

Can’t go out but want to dance to some good house music? Then look no further because the 219 Boys have got you covered. With their brand new Certified EP, they’ll immediately transport you back to your favorite club or festival. It’ll be like you never left. Thanks to their groovy and impactful production, this project will keep you dancing for a lifetime. And thanks to the Night Bass team, they’ve found a true home for their music yet again. If you haven’t heard of these talented producers yet, then definitely check out their past work. Each track will have you moving into the future with positive and everlasting vibes. Hearing brand new sounds and grooves to satisfy your needs to hear live music again. Listening to this duo will truly take you back to when you first discovered this genre.

The Certified EP is packed with nothing but joyous drums and overall pure house characteristics. From gorgeous low end bass lines, to well crafted arrangements, there’s every element you’ve come to know and love within this style. What separates this EP from many others though is the amount of elements and sounds they’ve incorporated to touch many different emotions. From excitement, curiosity and overall calmness, the 219 Boys really went all out. You might hear some tracks containing luscious synths, deep bass lines and even some hip-hop drums. The possibilities are mind-blowing and they know how to throw in sections you never thought you’d hear. There’s even a special remix of one of their tracks off the project from Lowdown. Taking the original and completely turning it into his own style. Even LOVE ROSSY makes a special appearance to spread his lush and spacious vocals.

The 219 Boys are an unstoppable force. Every track off his EP is special and mind bending in its own way. Make sure to go support all of these beautiful musicians by streaming the Certified EP everywhere.