PREMIERE: Low Poly Disrupts All Senses Of Reality With ‘The Phosphorus Scene’

With time and space at his fingertips, Low Poly‘s sporadic and colorful style has created a powerful and blissful road of success. Carving a healthy and righteous gateway for bass music as a whole. Separating himself from the rest with stellar sound design and gorgeous arrangements. There’s no telling where he’ll steer next due to the unpredictable and deep nature of his works. There’s always something refreshing to hear when diving through his discography. So much passion and heart are put into these works. It’s simply inspiring to hear. From releases with Jadū Dala, mau5trap, SPACE YACHT, and more, his impressive and flexible workflow has continued to exceed expectations. Making listeners eager to hear what’s next in his journey! And it’s with our great pleasure to help premiere ‘The Phosphorus Scene’ off his upcoming EP, Candlelight.

The Phosphorus Scene is a halftime experiment that I first started during quarantine and finally got around to finishing last year. Halftime has always been one of my favorite genres. Something about boom-bap drums with big bass lines feels right, whether it’s being done by Mefjus or Timbaland or whoever. The name is a homage to the movie Annihilation – the exploding synth stabs reminded me of a flash of light, and the whole thing feels a bit concussive. – Low Poly

This single is simply a chaotic masterpiece. It’s as if you were soaring through the eye of a massive storm and trying to intertwine with its earth-shattering energy. From gritty glitchy sound design to those unforgiving drums carrying the audience throughout, it’s a total immersion and escape through such powerful sonic frequencies . Every second contains jaw-dropping qualities. One after another, it hits your everlasting soul within and opens a door to a whole new world. Containing treasures beyond belief. Low Poly truly went all out on this one and proves yet again why he’s one of the best to do it in this industry. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘The Phosphorus Scene’ below now, and everywhere tomorrow via DOMEOFDOOM!