Ganja White Night Takes Us On A Journey With 'Dark Wobble'

There are very few names in electronic music that make us drop everything we’re doing to check out their new music, and Ganja White Night is without a doubt this shortlist. Through nearly a decade of releases, the Belgian duo has become a household name within the electronic music space. With their signature “Dark Wobble” sound, the boys from Ganja White Night have already left their mark on the game with a loaded discography and even a label to push the sounds from young producers that are just as pivotal to the evolution of bass music as them themselves. 

Looking back before the pandemic, the legendary duo was just finishing up their tour for their fourth studio album ‘The One’. It’s been almost two years, and since we’ve gotten a few singles here and there including ‘Dead Of Night’ with Zeds Dead and the massive remix of ‘Dear Weed Man’ by Boogie Trio. Throughout this time, we’ve been getting previews from the album here or there on social media. Now the time has finally come to take a deep dive into Ganja’s new LP ‘Dark Wobble’.

In general, ‘Dark Wobble’ has everything you’d expect out of a GWN LP, world-class sound design, monstrous percussion elements, and no shortage of engaging melodies. The evolution of GWN’s sound into this massive almost theatrical-like experience is something to marvel at. With the addition of all these theatrical elements, one entire full listen through emulates the experience of watching a full-length feature film full of conflict, evolution, and resolution. Overall Dark Wobble brings the emotion, grit, and realness of a theater experience down to a musical context for us all to enjoy and we couldn’t be happier. Check out the whole thing down below. 

Ganja White Night Takes Us On A Journey With ‘Dark Wobble’