LISTEN: GRAVAS Unveil Reimagined Acoustic Version of Debut Single “Erase Me”

Following the release of their debut single “Erase Me” back in August of 2023, Gravas, comprised of Sum 41 drummer Frank Zummo, bass music stalwart and innovative producer Fransis Derelle, producer and engineering wizard CRaymak, and former Willows member Demitri Medina, is proud to present their new, acoustic rendition of the track.

Combining their diverse combination of styles, the four members of Gravas combine for a unique sound reflective of their individual styles. The original “Erase Me” was their second song ever made as a group, released as their debut single together by Monstercat in late summer 2023 as an electronic song with live drums and alternative rock-tinged vocals. Cruising past 100,000 streams on Spotify in the first week, “Erase Me” acted as the catalyst for a new era in their careers. Written and sung by Medina, the heartfelt release was produced as an emotional anthem, setting the stage for the reimagined acoustic version to come. In essence, the evolution of “Erase Me” highlights their ethos as a group: remaining creative and taking approaches to songs they normally might not as individual artists and creatives. 

Most songs are written on an acoustic guitar with a vocal melody, then built up. There is such a beauty in the organic and pure version of a song in a raw and broken down state. We wanted to share that process with you. This is ‘Erase Me’ reimagined and taken back to its original state

  • Frank Zummo

The acoustic version of “Erase Me” opens the doors for Gravas’’ foray into the new wave of alternative and emo music, with CRaymak stating “our music always ends up being an eclectic journey through so many soundscapes and fusions of genres, but specifically falling under rocktronic.” Above all else, accentuating the emotional nature of the song was the main priority. “We wanted to bring new life to the track. Turning the track from melodic to acoustic really brings that emotion to the forefront,” Fransis states. Check out their newest release below:

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LISTEN: GRAVAS Unveil Reimagined Acoustic Version of Debut Single “Erase Me”