Focus Five: Volume 67

Music discovery doesn’t just happen on Tik-Tok. We’re here as always to present you with some of our favourite finds in another installment of Focus Five. This month we’ve got a German-born Denver-based bass producer, a Parisian boasting a breadth that classifies him as a bass music producer without really falling into a specific genre, a vocalist and producer with some massive collabs that’s still somehow under the radar, a Danish artist crafting break, bass, organic, percussive music, and a future beats creator that will help give you a much-needed serotonin boost.


Hailing from Germany, now residing in Denver, Colorado, this force of sonic nature is an absolute gift to the bass music scene. ADAME‘s highly technical skills have shattered multiple dimensions across the spectrum. Birthing a brand new realm of innovative electronic music with each one of his pieces. All together creating one of the main keys to the survival of this style of music. His discography range is breathtaking from his impeccable sound design, cinematic environments, and multiple arrays of sophisticated executions. From releases on Electric Hawk, Wubaholics, Nightenjin, and many more, he’s taking this scene to brand new heights.

‘A Rival Rises’ is another chapter within a story full of layers and proportions. This specific tale showcases the electronic trap side of his project. It implements numerous amounts of spicy details such as deep bass lines, mind-shattering drums, and a poetic vision that speaks to you on numerous levels. Its addictive and blinding personality creates an everlasting after-effect throughout each listen. Getting better and better with each listen. Sticking with you for a long time.

His most recent creation, ‘A New Power’ showcases a hero rising from the ashes without ever backing down from a challenge. This monstrous work of art hits you with all of its might and being. From an inspiring level of emotion from those melodies in the beginning to ear-melting bass design and movement throughout the chorus sections, this is an absolute anthem from beginning to end. The way he implements such grace and passion really pulls the listener in. Transporting them into his own story. Witnessing in the background as it all unfolds.


Paris-based producer Damnasie first landed on my radar about a month ago thanks to Spotify’s auto-shuffle algorithm. When ”Carbine’ alongside Marrow came on, I was taken aback by the sheer ingenuity of the track as it stood out from the sea of whatever generic music I was passively listening to in the background. Blurring the lines between trap, dubstep, and even future beat, the track was a wicked introduction to the artist and I knew I had to dig deeper. Boasting a breadth that classifies him as a bass music producer without really falling into a specific genre, Damnasie’s discography is an impressive lineup of versatile tunes sure to appeal to the FUXWITHIT audience. Take ‘Blanc’ for example; featured on his latest album titled Outer released via Interval Audio, the track is a high-energy cut with various stylistic influences that showcase Damnasie’s strengths as an artist. The whole album as a whole is just more of that creativity spanning fourteen tracks. Don’t sleep on Damnasie.



The way the music scene is currently segmented from platform to platform is an inexhaustible source of twists. There are people who are powerhouses on social media but have exiguous support on their music (and vice versa), artists who look like newcomers on SoundCloud while their Spotify profiles tell completely different stories. I could go on with examples but this last one serves to introduce my first pick this month: fussy. I first came across her SoundCloud profile, which I thought belonged to a debuting producer. However, the only three songs featured (which compose his A fussy lil EP) were all very good, too good to actually be the very first outputs of a rookie. A quick switch to Spotify revealed that my first impression was far from reality. Or at least, partially. fussy is indeed a new project launched just before the summer, but before starting her solo journey, she has already worked as a singer and songwriter with high-profile names such as Juelz, Knock2, and most recently ISOxo on his brand new track ‘STARsound’. It was an unexpected turn of events that teaches us one thing: whether we want to enjoy some left-field, flamboyant, trap, hyperpop bangers or arena anthems like ‘Rock Ur World‘, following fussy is the right move.
– AA



It’s a kind of break, bass, organic, percussive music.” That’s it.  This is basically what you need to know about Leese’s music and I love how this concise and stylish quote is the perfect distillation of her sonic world. I got to know Leese through her trio of EPs, Nomäa, Däarm, and Drift (the last one published just a few days ago at the beginning of October), released in collaboration with the infallible YUKU over the past two years. Through these projects, the Danish producer has steadily manifested and evolved her own vision, blending breakbeat and bass structures with ambient and tribal influences in a balanced equilibrium between emotional and technical approaches. Her songs are pure bass music heavens as they bring the listeners on a trip into a world of deconstructed basslines, sophisticated percussions, and Afro/Arabic elements, ultimately delivering a ‘journey without stagnation.’ If any of this tickles your imagination, Leese is set to become your new obsession.
– AA


My love for future beats has been well-documented in Focus Five. As the days get shorter and colder, future beats are keeping me warm and happy. The latest artist in the space to catch my ear is none other than subtoll. Another all lowercase SoundCloud killer who popped on my radar off a repost (shoutout BAGG). When I saw the title ‘sim simma’ it was an instant listen. While I didn’t get the Beenie Man flip I was expecting, I may have stumbled upon something better. Offering a fresh future beats take of Little Simz’s ‘Gorilla,’ the track showcases Simz’s stellar flow and swagger while providing an exceptionally laidback sound palette. With just the right amount of vocal processing and chops, it feels fresh as fuck without overdoing it. ‘Coffee Shop Symphony’ was my next exposure to producer and it should be yours too. The jazzy tripped-out bop feels like sipping a latte on an underwater planet where stress doesn’t exist. Finding the perfect balance of experimental, calming, and approachable is never easy, but that appears to be subtoll’s bag. With additional standout flips of Missy Elliot, Stormzy, and beyond, it’s safe to say his SoundCloud is more than worthy of a deep dive.

Written by Alessio, Colin, John & Steph.