UBUR Continues To Raise The Bar With His Recent Single ‘No Photos’

When we take a look over the last decade of bass music, dubstep, in particular, there is a wave of producers whose impact over the span of only a few years, steered the course of bass music into a far more aggressive place, with a heavy emphasis on sound design. This wave of producers we’re referring to includes the likes of Svdden Death, Zomboy, Subtronics, and of course the main subject of today, UBUR. These names along with others we’re forgetting to mention drove dubstep into new territory and genially pushed the boundaries of production. One look at UBUR’s discography and you quickly realize his project exhibits all the aforementioned characteristics of what brought dubstep into a new life this past decade. Throughout UBUR’s career, we’ve developed quite the appetite for his unrelentingly heavy approach to the genre, truly embracing the experimental nature of production with massive records like ‘Painful Choice’ and his mega collaboration with peers Svdden Death & Oolacile ’Savceboys.’ More recently, the seasoned veteran treated us to his Relinquish EP, which gave us a taste of the sounds we can be expecting from UBUR leading into the decade. This time the LA-native returns with yet another beautifully chaotic record titled ’No Photos’ 

We begin with this whistle-like synth that serves to introduce us to the melody quickly before we’re met with the introduction of the percussion elements. Full of jungle flows and long sustained and distorted leads, the build-up perfectly constructs the chaotic setting that awaits us in the drop section. Of course, we’re then met with a barrage of world-class sound design that includes massive sweeping basses and hi-ends that perfectly fill out the breaks. Not only does UBUR never fail to top the intensity of his last release, but he’s also able to do without sacrificing any musicality along the way, making for a truly entertaining and impactful listen. Take a full listen down below!