DECAP Credits All Heroes With His ‘What’s Your Superpower’ Album

Resurrecting comforting emotions, DECAP has finally dropped his newest album, ‘What’s Your Superpower.’ A gorgeous six track wave of sound to fulfill anyones day. Containing some stunning collaborations with artists such as Ayonick, Kyla Moscovich and more! For many months, the producer has been working hard to bring these pieces to life. While also spreading inspirational knowledge over on his YouTube channel! Helping out musicians on any level at the same time. Not to mention his beautifully crafted sample packs! The man is a working machine when it comes to high-quality content. Resulting in nothing but hits and fun-filled anthems for any music lover.

What’s Your Superpower is a chill and energetic wonderland. Filled with many surprises and gems along the way. Just waiting for them to be discovered by listeners. From soulful melodies, to hard-hitting drums to get your heart pumping, there’s everything you’ve ever loved in terms of DECAP and his collaborators, plus much more. When it comes to filling up the spectrum to its full potential, this artist does it to a degree of perfection. The way his drums and percussion move within these tracks is unmatched. Letting his atmospheres and style separate themselves from others. Creating a whole new and unique flavor to the overall buffet of frequency. And every collaborator gets to have their talents in the spotlight. Intertwining with DECAP’s flow in an indescribable way.

Wether you’re driving down a long highway, or curling up near a cozy fire, you’ll be sure to have this body of work on repeat for a long time. It completely leaves the audience satisfied and wanting more. So make sure to go support every legend apart of this piece of art by streaming What’s Your Superpower everywhere!