Brace for impact! Because YVNG JALAPÑO has finally dropped his newest EP, LUNATIC. A body of work which has been waiting to see the light of day. Fans from all over have been stoked and building hype around this project. Now this artist has put in a huge amount of work and dedication to his craft. Even from the start he planted a seed full of unique sound design and high-energy arrangements. Getting the attention of big artists and building a beautiful fan base all around.

From edits of Slumberjack, QUIX and even ODESZA, he made sure to target the right audience for his vision. Labels such as Quality Goods Records and now Bite This! have all contributed to his continuing journey as a musician. And now the time has come for us to witness pure greatness with his newest work of art.

The LUNATIC EP is chocked full of some major festival anthems. But he’s not working alone. Joining him in the spotlight are wilo wilde, Peytn and even Jayceeoh! Just hearing about those collaborations already gives you chills down your spine. Knowing this EP is going to be memorable.

From mind-bending sounds to earth-shaking drums, YVNG JALAPÑO really showed us he’s not playing around. The tracks each have a distinct and similar vibe, yet differentiates from each other at the same time. Coming together beautifully after each listen. Creating a sense of inspiration and satisfaction. wilo wilde’s lush and elegant nature within her voice really brings out a unique side to both of their atmospheres. An airy and easy-going chemistry. While Peytn is totally perfecting the sheer force within a bass-heavy space. His sharp and hyped up vocals give their track even more spice to the dish. And if that wasn’t enough, combining their vast and indescribable talents, both him and Jayceeoh created a monstrous collaboration. A true love note to classic dubstep. You can feel the excitement and passion they put in through every second and note being played.

By far this is definitely some of YVNG JALAPÑO’s best work to date. So go ahead and support them all by streaming the LUNATIC EP everywhere via Bite This!