The Log Cabin Make A Stellar Debut With Their First Compilation

Deep within a vast part of the woods, The Log Cabin have made their first-ever appearance. A brand new collective and safe haven for upcoming electronic artists. Showcasing major talents that are continuing to pave a beautiful path for this style of music. Ones you’ll need to closely keep an eye on for many months to come. With their first compilation finally released, they’ve introduced themselves with a fierce blast of power and dominance. Making themselves heard with their new vision and carefully picked artists. Helping to support a new movement in the underground!

Comprised of thirteen pieces, this wooden building of sound is filled with nothing but rich sound design, hard-hitting drums, and mind-blowing arrangement styles. The perfect soundtrack for your daily boost of inspiration! Artists such as viiiral., Buzz Junior, Sterfry, and many more have all tapped into their highly praised creative auras to create monstrous works of art. The perfect tools for destruction. All honoring what this new label represents while bringing in a brand new atmosphere to each of their artist projects. Showing us all why electronic trap music will forever go strong and become bigger and bigger as the days go on. Grabbing the immediate attention of listeners and welcoming them into a vast realm of pure remedy.

This album is full of surprises thanks to its artists and their immaculate work. From a classic and everlasting tune from wasteurself, to a complete brain melter from Tenkai, you won’t know what’s coming next due to the comp’s unpredictable nature and exhilarating aftereffect. It’s safe to say this will be on repeat for a long time! We’re stoked to hear more in the future. But for now, make sure to show your utmost support by streaming The Log Cabin Vol. 1 via SoundCloud!