OTHERWRLD Showcase A Sinister New Chapter With Their ‘OUTBREAK 003’ Compilation

OTHERWRLD has become a major empire within the underground. Their goal of showcasing up-and-coming artists to help conquer realms has succeeded greatly. Each release of theirs has done nothing but impress listeners from all over. Paving a major road of gold for themselves as well as their artists. Making them a name you won’t ever forget. To celebrate their one-year anniversary of success, they’ve just released their newest compilation, OUTBREAK 003. An exciting sixteen-track ride of the century. Comprised of some of the craziest and most talented musicians in electronic music right now!

Their first two compilations have exceeded great expectations with the colorful and diverse sounds of the future. And this newest one does not fail to achieve the same goal. Brand-new artists such as ryscu, SPORTMODE, Lynzz and many more have created individual works of pure mayhem. Each harnessing an energy different from the last while honoring the OTHERWRLD name in all its glory. From electronic trap, breakbeat, and even a touch of wave and house, this experience is just filled with ear-pleasing tones and rhythmic structures. Showing yet again why this label and movement is truly untouchable in vision and execution. Making this their most diverse and powerful group of tunes yet! So make sure to show your support by streaming OUTBREAK 003 everywhere via OTHERWRLD! We’re excited to hear more in the future.