Plunge Into gl00my’s Latest EP ‘Cy-Gen’

One thing that was missing in this already-memorable year for wave, was a release. The pioneer imprint is still one of the pillars of the worldwide movement and its legacy is a major factor behind the blow-up of the US scene, but it’s always nice to be blessed with a proper release. In a moment where we can see wave whisked with pretty much every electronic output (with mixed results) has partnered with neo-grime pioneer gl00my for a project that it’s deeply rooted within the classic sound of the genre.

Obscure and cryptic, Cy-gen is a very short EP (none of the three tracks exceeds three minutes of runtime) but with an overflowing personality. It shares the power of the best wave tracks to suck you out of reality and toss you into an abyss. You’ll drown under a flood of low frequencies, the gargantuan kicks will push you to the depths and there you’ll be transfixed by cold, yet poetic, lucid dreams. Once you hit play, you’ll be at the mercy of gl00my’s genius, who casts on us the perfect exorcism against the daily chaos that, in turn, always tries to submerge us. Despite my passion for long, structured cuts, the conciseness and spontaneity that I personally perceive from ‘Cy-gen’, ‘Proxy’, and ‘Ice’ (my favorite from the EP) is refreshing. The same feeling that I came upon listening to Skrillex’s ‘Quest For Fire‘.

Listen to Cy-gen below or on your favorite platform here.