Forgetmyname Debuts With Two Astounding Singles “Complex” And “High”

Forgetmyname, the musical project of Nicole, is releasing two debut singles titled “Complex” and “High.” An instant fan-favorite, “Complex,” which was released in the beginning of the year, has rapidly seduced tens of thousands of new fans who appreciated Nicole’s vulnerability and authenticity. 

Thanks to a sophisticated concoction in which 80’s synth pop is brilliantly merged with a myriad of other genres, she has laid the foundation for her sophomore single “High” to continue reaping the fruits of her career launch. 

From its alt-pop melodies to Forgetmyname’s soaring vocals, “High” is a wonderful song that beautifully combines atmospheric vibes with energizing feelings. From euphoria to sadness, Forgetmyname’s unique art holds the power to make the listener feel the wide spectrum of human emotions, allowing us to expect great music to continue being created and shared by her in the very near future.