BLVZE And BAGG Shatter Unknown Realities With ‘BOUNCE TO THIS’

BLVZE and BAGG are a dangerous combination of talent and perseverance. Their collaborations are an explosion of chaos and fun for each listener. Tackling different rhythmic structures with their signature styles working together as one. Now, with their newest piece, ‘BOUNCE TO THIS,’ they’ve raised the stakes and energetic qualities from beginning to end. Completely immersing themselves into a realm of groove. Creating their heaviest and most intoxicating collaboration yet!

From ear-pleasing sound design to a groove to get any crowd into a major frenzy, this track is a mind-blowing experience. The contrast of each sound and technique works together beautifully. Each section throughout continues to grip your attention more and more as it progresses. Making it nothing but addicting to listen to. Hearing both their styles flourish, these two make quite the team. You definitely won’t want to miss out on this pure gem. The first chorus section is so groovy and takes you on a wild ride, while the second drop compliments the overall track and expands that heart-pumping feeling into the stratosphere. Making you smile with complete happiness. Gaining a huge amount of inspiration. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘BOUNCE TO THIS.’