Nitepunk Stands In A Class Of His Own With ‘HUMAN’ Album

Nitepunk is in a league of his own. We’re not trying to say that he’s a legend or one of the best to ever do it, simply because we have not had enough time to experience what he is capable of, but his productions truly stand out in a class that nobody has mimicked. The way that the Georgia-born, LA-based artist harnesses chaos and controls it in such a way that is digestible is unparalleled, and there is no better exemplification of that statement than with his debut album, HUMAN, out today via HARD Recs.

There is no better person than Nitepunk himself that can describe the journey that is his debut album. “Moving to America was monumental for my personal and artistic growth. I had hit a massive reset button on my entire life and all of a sudden I was in New York on my own. This album reflects every moment of my time here. I wanted every track to be a record I could be proud of, where I would have the freedom to push my own musicality. When I approach a song I’m always trying to capture where I currently am in my life so when it was time to put the album together I realized that all the ideas I had written over the past six years were representing significant episodes in my life.

Kicking off the adventure with ‘Grounded,’ Nitepunk leaves listeners feeling the opposite of the title. The cut is tumultuous, lively and abrasive, but in the best way possible, injecting sonic adrenaline into your ears and priming you for the exciting expedition that follows. Words cannot do justice to the rest of the project. In typical Nitepunk fashion, the artist teeters between a plethora of genres ranging from dubstep, breaks, house, future bass and much more. Largely instrumental but sometimes complemented by catchy samples or powerful vocals, the ensemble stands out as one of the best bass albums in recent times. Nitepunk’s ability to switch the intensity within a track and between tracks themselves is seamless. His mastery of production shines bright throughout the album, as each piece is meticulously engineered. HUMAN is incredible, and worthy of multiple listens from front to back. Don’t miss it below.