PREMIERE: The Music Blender Share A Euphoric Wave Of Sound With Their ‘REBOUND’ Compilation

The Music Blender family is known for its heart and passion for underground sound. Shining a spotlight on upcoming artists who continue to flourish in their own limelight. Changing the game with wild sonic frequencies and bringing electronic music down a glorious path. And now, the time has come for them to come together for one special project.

REBOUND is their first-ever compilation and focuses on some of the meanest and bounciest beats you’ll ever hear. Completely throwing your mind for a loop, artists such as Galazy, Kazantzakis, kutsu. and more have each made their own whimsical pieces. Honoring what the label stands for while showing off what makes their styles so interesting and fun. This compilation is full of interesting tones and only gets better and better with each go around.

From a silly and heat-infused banger from Ethanplus, to a saturated paradise of wonder from Skoot, there’s no telling what you’ll hear next thanks to the compilation’s stacked and unpredictable cast of musicians. Delivering only the latest and the greatest within the electronic trap and bounce genres. Making this a huge highlight of 2023. Everyone did a remarkable job and the spirit of it all is truly addicting and priceless. So make sure to show your support by streaming the REBOUND compilation everywhere via The Music Blender!