frosttop Leaves Fans In An Arctic Wasteland With His ‘REFORM’ EP

Initiating a launch to an unknown arctic realm, frosttop blesses space and time with his debut EP, REFORM. A beautifully written weapon of pure destruction. Fit to leave an absolute crater in any environment across the galaxy. Blowing you away into the stratosphere with highly skilled techniques through production and attitude. Making anyone become hypnotized to the core from beginning to end. This is what many of us have been waiting for. And now, the time is finally here. And what better home to team up with than the Gud Vibrations label. Representing it in a whole new style and fashion.

frosttop has dedicated his life to his craft. Always putting his heart and soul into his music, marketing, and overall presence. And with this EP, he’s shattering new dimensions for his project and overall vision. Implementing his signature style while experimenting with new sounds and rhythmic structures we haven’t heard yet from him. Each track is designed to take you through the stars with its own flare and purpose. From high-energy sound design, to angelic melody structures, and ice-cold atmospheres, this is an EP that will stick with you for a while. Representing what makes his journey and presence intricate and unique compared to many within the scene. It’s definitely a must-listen. Bravo to him. So make sure to show your utmost support by streaming the REFORM EP everywhere via Gud Vibrations!