Luci Closes A Book Of The Past With Her Debut Album ‘bittersweet’

Luci‘s presence within the sonic field continues to inspire and amaze listeners everywhere. Coming from an electronic music background, the artist has made her vision present with incredible self-releases, collaborations, and more. She’s even found a home with Subsidia and Wakaan. Elevating her techniques and skills to a whole new level. And now, she’s debuting a brand new chapter in life and as an artist, with her debut album, bittersweet. Easily making this her most impactful and personal work to date.

“This album is the first time I have really written about my personal life experiences in my music. Every single song is in reference to a situation I went through personally. I named it bittersweet because that’s what relationships really are in your 20s. You fall in love, lose people you love, people you love get hurt and you’re probably going to make 27392926 mistakes. It’s all lessons in the end and these are all my personal experiences with that.” – Luci

Consisting of seventeen tracks, each one highlights a past experience – whether it be good, bad, or downright confusing. These experiences have only made her wiser, stronger, and more powerful. Evolving every single day and putting everything she has into this work of art. Taking what she’s learned throughout the years and implementing an evolved sense of creativity in each piece.

From the drums to the groove, and angelic vocals, this is an album you’ll absolutely love and relate to no matter who or where you are. It’s a comforting journey with a brilliant execution in pacing and storytelling. Her voice will melt your heart while empowering your persona and soul. Completely blowing you away from beginning to end! Congratulations to her and we’re excited to see and hear where she goes in this new light. So make sure to show your support by streaming bittersweet everywhere via Create Music!