TroyBoi & Jon Casey Unite For Dream Collaboration ‘Zurna’

TroyBoi and Jon Casey are two of the best in the trap and bass space. Hailing from the UK and South Africa respectively, the pair have become international sensations, renowned for continually pushing the space forward. Joining forces for the first time comes their masterful collaboration ‘Zurna.’

Built around a hypnotic vocal chant, the simplistic loop creates a spiritual sonic throughline that carries the track across several distinct scenes and sounds. The first drop is wonderfully minimalistic leaning on perfected percussion and rumbling low end to pack maximum impact. As the zurna drifts in listeners are swept away into a desert mirage. Sweeping sand dunes shift shapes as a warm breeze drifts across regal tapestries. Sunset turns to pure darkness as ‘Zurna’ morphes into a filthy and sinister monster driven by murderous sound design and inky undercurrents. The mesmeric melody drifts back in to enhance the richness of the sound palette before drifting off with chunky drums in the stripped-back outro.

When we saw TroyBoi & Jon Casey were finally linking up, expectations couldn’t ‘t have been higher, but the pair delivered with a definitive banger. Listen below.