Elements Music And Arts Festival Is a Dream Infused Wonderland

The Elements Music & Arts Festival was indeed one for the books. The soul essence surrounding the environment beamed with pure talent, peace, and prosperity. Making many feel truly free and alive. From the gorgeous decorations throughout the journey to the timeless art being displayed all around, it’s as if you walked into a fairy tale. Meeting and witnessing many wonderful spirits from lands beyond the grounds. All coming together for one reason. For the love of the arts and music as a whole.

Nothing ever felt too cluttered or rushed. The pacing of everything felt organic and well-handled. Just a wonderful adventure to embark on with little to worry about. Escaping reality into a whole new world of pure harmony. Not to mention how gorgeous the stage designs were. Making you feel a part of something larger than yourself in life. With smiles all around heading to see their favorite artists, fans were glowing with excitement.

Some major highlights started with Crawdad Sniper’s dangerous and weaponized set. The energy radiating from the listener’s made the experience truly memorable. A heavy and groovy performance from beginning to end with constant and inspiring perseverance.

The following day, Moore Kismet took the stage and completely knocked it out of the park. Their unique and powerful stasis with each track lifted you off the ground in the best ways. Debuting new music while honoring some of their favorite artists to date. Completely blowing you away!  Another major heavy hitter was DOT. With rain starting to fall little by little, the spirit of House music shined brighter than a star from her performance. Her passion was intoxicating with a constant state of positivity. Everyone danced their hearts out as she bestowed a journey they’ll never forget.

And then, a big rainstorm filled the skies. Showering everyone and turning the grounds into a whole new atmosphere. Pools of water filled the terrain while heading to see GURF and Runnit demolish the Wub Hub. But while they were killing their set with full force and aggression, there was an immediate evacuation due to dangerous weather conditions. Making everyone leave. But, as time went on, they finally reopened the gates for everyone. Giving both GURF and Runnit back the spotlight with a killer after-party set at the Corporate Wooks stage. So even though Mother Nature stopped all festivities for a little, did that stop anyone from having a good time? Absolutely not. Everyone dancing in the rain was a euphoric and inspiring site to see. Feeling a sense of freeness no matter what.

With my getaway coming to a close, there was one set that had most of everyone heading toward the everlasting Fire Stage, and that was the one and only Skrillex. Seeing this artist really took me back to my middle school days. Experiencing his earlier work and opening me up to the world of electronic music. A major goal I set for myself when I was younger. And for it to come to full fruition was one of the best experiences of my life. So in the end, I really enjoyed my time at the Elements Music and Arts Festival. From reuniting with my beautiful friends, to listening to incredible music surrounded by nature, I definitely recommend attending in the future.

Cover Photo By: Jamal Eid