Listen To The Third Instalment Of TREKKIE TRAX’s ‘Branch’ Compilation Series

Over the past 8 years, TREKKIE TRAX has constantly challenged the status quo of my musical taste, introducing me to a remarkable variety of new artists and stimulating with its unpredictable releases my curiosity as a music blogger. Their latest project (which comes right after the very interesting Beep Day EP by Fetus) is the third installment of their Trekkie Trax: Branch compilation series, which represents the perfect epitome of all of the above. The format of this series, which in the past has hosted familiar names for us at FUXWITHIT such as Dj Ride, NUUSHi, Allen Mock, has always been aimed at discovering and showcasing up-and-coming talents. Therefore, by nature it has always incorporated a strong component of unpredictability and indeed my approach to these albums has always been like that to a mystery box. My expectations have never been betrayed in the first two volumes, and this third one is no exception.

Selected among more than 100 submissions, the 12 tracks that make up the compilation’s tracklist are a thrilling roller coaster ride through a wide and wild spectrum of genres. There’s the sexy bass and dense groove of the opening track, ‘SuperLemon’, but also the syncopated, rave-inspired bass and synthetic vocals of ‘namilani’. There are the austere atmospheres of freeform cuts such as ‘Sui’ and ‘Close Your Mind’ but also the raw jersey club energy of  ‘Back It Up’, the melodic breakbeat textures of ‘Get To Back’ passing through the Gecs-influenced hyperpop of ‘Dep.’ and the abrasive, yet danceable, bass house beats of ‘ヒプノトリップ.’ And that’s just half of the tracklist.

Listen and download TREKKIE TRAX: branch Vol​​​.​​​03 below.