Wave Monthly | April 2024

It’s safe to say that April 2024 has been polarized by one news piece and one release. The big news was, of course, the unveiling of Symmetry’s lineup. For those of you who’re not aware yet, Symmetry Music & Arts Festival is set to be the event of the year when it comes to wave. Presented by the legendary vibe.digital team together with production company Lucid Journeys, this two-day festival will turn Ohio into the epicenter of the scene on the 13th and 14th of September.  Plastician, brothel. , barnacle boi, Deadcrow, REMNANT.exe, Gladkill are just some of the wave heroes who will play along heavyweight of the bass music scene such as UZ, Off The Trees, Ravescoon, A Hundred Drums, Sippy Fly, Onhell, Eastghost. With such a strong and unique lineup, Symmetry is positioning itself as the benchmark alternative for all those bassheads who are, quoting Ravescoon himself, “tired of cookie cutter music festivals” With more than 80% of the early birds gone already, this might be the right time to grab yours.

Talking instead of releases, April will go down as the month that saw the release of one of the best compilation albums of the year. Curated and released by Interval Audio, hands down the best compilation-dealer in the game, Neo Subculture 3 is a 33-track masterclass in Wave, Hardwave, Trance, and Neo Trance. With 46 artists involved, it is a comprehensive testament to the power of this artistic community that never stops opening their hearts and minds to the unknown to redefine the boundaries of these genres. Due to the relevance of this album, I decided to reserve five spots on this month’s playlist for extracts from Neo Subculture 3. You’ll find them mixed among singles from familiar faces as tearsofmine, enjoii, KTrek (via vibe.digital), Klasey Jones, Pholo, SBU, but also newer names like nibiru’, FQYL, kub0, Michiya Mirai, anølemma and many more. In case you’re wondering, yes, there’s a Juche release this month as well.