Juelz Walks The Path Of Shining Success With His Debut Album ‘Floorspace’

Walking along countless paths and conquering many challenges, Juelz has finally dropped his biggest project to date. His debut album, Floorspace is finally here and it does not disappoint in the slightest. In fact, it holds true spirit and dedication from beginning to end. A journey fit for those who have stuck with the artist since the beginning. Fans from all over have been eagerly waiting for this album to come to full fruition. And let us say, it exceeds all expectations.

Juelz not only captured what makes his sound and style so iconic but he’s managed to veer off into other experimental realms. While still harnessing what makes his works his. Bringing in old-school techniques while showcasing brand-new ones with each piece. Taking you back to the first time you’ve ever heard his work, and becoming inspired by how long it’s been since that moment. From collaborations with 24hrs, KILLY AI, and more, there are a ton of surprises waiting to be found with each listen. Making this album a breath of fresh air for the electronic realm.

With colorful and ear-pleasing sound design, massive drums, and of course his glistening arrangements, this work of art is full of interesting and heart-wrenching tones. Completely taking over your soul in the best ways possible. Those massive bass leads combined with top-tier vocal sampling create an absolute film in your mind throughout. Not to mention how much movement is going on. Keeping your interests at an all-time high without skipping a moment of clarity.

This being an album of course, each track holds its own iconic place while honoring the overall vision of the piece as a whole. Nothing feels rushed or out of place. Everything comes together in perfect harmony for all to admire. From electronic trap, house to even a splash of techno, there’s no telling what you’ll hear next thanks to the unpredictable nature surrounding it all. So make sure to show your utmost support by streaming Floorspace everywhere via Sable Valley! Your hearts will be racing to the finish line by the end.