Hydraulix Starts the Year Off Strong with New ‘NERVES’ EP

Hailing from the land down under, Sydney-based Hydraulix has had an extraordinary past year. As a well-established member of the Wakaan roster, with additional releases featured on Quality Goods Records, Disciple, and TWONK, the producer has been grinding away in the studio with plenty to show for it. On top of studio time, Hydraulix has had the opportunity to tour across the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, and elsewhere over the last 12 months, garnering an abundance of new fans along the way.

The three-track NERVES EP is the latest addition to Hydraulix’s discography. A brilliant foray into dubstep, grime, and drum and bass, the EP makes a point of switching up genres with each track, never pigeonholing itself into any single one. ‘ANXIOUS,’ featuring the gritty vocals of Maksim MC, is a true dubstep banger with UK grime elements as the cherry on top. ‘Click Clack’ with Nika D carries much the same vibe at first before erupting into a tribal trap-esque drop that may remind listeners of producers along the lines of MEMBA or XAVAGE. ‘All Eyes’ wraps up the EP with a sudden but not unwelcome tempo change to drum and bass. With its suspenseful build-up to an electrifying first drop, this track cements itself as an absolute roller that is sure to have jump-up fans losing it on the dance floor.

“So excited to be dropping the Nerves EP with Wakaan. I called the EP Nerves because it’s something I constantly feel when releasing music. Always nervous about how it will be received, will it get playlisting, have I pushed myself enough, have I pushed it too far. Writing music is the most rewarding and disheartening thing at the same time. Constant nerves on the edge. But at the end of the day you just gotta write what’s true to you. I’ve always loved all forms of bass music and this EP I wanted to show a bit of that with Dubstep, DnB and even some trap to cap it off.” – Hydraulix

Hydraulix’s well-deserved career continues to prosper with the release of the NERVES EP. Stream it in full below and be sure to check out the Bandcamp version for a bonus instrumental of ‘Click Clack.’