Hamdi Continues To Make His Mark With ‘Counting’ EP Remixes

1 2 3 4. Hamdi is here and yes we are screaming for more. As the visionary artist establishes his dominance in the music industry, all eyes and ears are on Hamdi as he continues to make his mark. After recently making his way to Japan for his debut tour, Hamdi blessed the sold-out crowd in Tokyo with a series of unreleased music including his ‘Counting’ EP remixes featuring none other than Sammy Virji, Taiki Nulight, Simula, and P-Money. The energy was out of this world, the venue was jam-packed with mosh pits being induced and those trap arms were out in full force. What more can we say when Hamdi has set the bar to the highest when it comes down to his live shows and immaculate production style. Whether it be dubstep, UKG, and grime, Hamdi has proven he can master any genre he puts his heart and mind into and we are all here for it.

Digging deeper into his official remixes of ‘Counting,’ Hamdi has called upon true icons in the music industry to take a stab at the original, and let us tell you they did not disappoint. Taiki Nulight’s pulsating slow-tempo madness sets the tone as wonky instrumentals and eerie soundscapes quickly take over. While Sammy Virji’s remix elevates the energy for the dance floor to induce all those boiler room vibes we need in our lives. Next up, Simula brings the heat with distorted elements and commanding drum and bass signatures. Ending off the EP with a P-Money vocal dub, the remix offers a fresh perspective to get you jumping up no matter what time of the day it is.

While Hamdi takes full control of the dancefloors during his Asia tour, he has also teased his unreleased Skrillex collaboration at Circus Tokyo which can be seen here.