BriGuel’s New Release “Mind Takes Hold” Will Question Your Deepest Certainties

If you search for music that will capture your whole being and fulfill your soul, then the spiritual new single and music video “Mind Takes Hold” from New York City-based artist duo BriGuel is something you definitely have to check. The song overflows with freedom and liberation; it takes hold over your mind by liberating it from the chains that keep it away from reaching its full potential. The song is a unique reference to the times of anxiety, depression, helplessness, and doubt that eats you from inside. Thus it is so relatable to many as everyone has at some point been in a place where the way out is not visible. However, BriGuel comes to remind us that there is always hope and giving up is not an option. 

The release of “Mind Takes Hold” comes right after their EP release, 2020 Vision, outcome of their collaboration with the founder of the Holistic Life Foundation Andres Gonzales. If you are familiar with the EP, you can also feel the growth of BriGuel from the previous release to “Mind Takes Hold.” They’ve put incredibly hard and dedicated work into the single, and the result is evident.