PREMIERE: Midnight Pool Party Release Glittery Original "Nonchalant"

Australian disco duo Midnight Pool Party have amazed time and time again with their unique genre-blending creations. Following last year’s MOTIONS EP, MPP have returned to share “Nonchalant.” Infectiously groovy and undeniably smooth, “Nonchalant” ripples with a funky flair similar to that of Kaytranada or Cosmo’s Midnight. Stream Midnight Pool Party’s wondrous new single below.

I wrote this song because I found myself deep in a social situation that I shouldn’t have involved myself in, and all I could do was relax and try and stay cool. So this was my way of expressing that situation in my life. We hope this song brings a little bit of happiness into the world which is so full of fear and anxiety right now. We hope it makes you smile. – Midnight Pool Party

Midnight Pool Party – Nonchalant | Stream


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PREMIERE: Midnight Pool Party Release Glittery Original “Nonchalant”