Artist Spotlight: “Partyin’ Was Fun” By Kaekingkally

Kaekingkally kicks off the new 2023 with a stunning debut single titled “Partyin’ Was Fun”. The single already managed to reach over 10K streams and seems to have caught the attention of not just fans but also music critics and playlisters. Quite a hit, the song has a fun and flirty, cool vibe to it, and is the perfect song for a good party or even a swift night drive. After a meticulous study of the East Coast New York rap style, Kaekingkally moved on to the more old school West Coast rapping, and is ready to share more music in 2023!

In a recent interview, Kaekingkally shared some thoughts about his creative process: “I always wanted to create more. I love being in the studio. The only thing that keeps me away from the musical room is money unfortunately. I said I like asking my engineer ‘err can you put this here when it comes to the mixing ok over there when it comes to the mastering’ the intelligence of what I can do as an artist, I care so much.” Indeed, the artist has already built up quite a reputation, and we cannot wait to see his next achievements.