Cheer For The “Pretty Brown Hair” With Dyli

Rising star and talented singer-songwriter Dyli recently came out with a new piece titled “Pretty Brown Hair”, a song that could potentially become the anthem of brunettes all around the world. Weaving minimal synths and almost-deafening bass drums that scream hip-hop, this new creation reflects on the beauty and fun-loving side of people, especially those with “pretty brown hair”. 

In her own words, “I wrote “Pretty Brown Hair” as a fun way to represent all the beautiful brunettes out there. There has always been a stigma about blondes being the hot cheerleader, the mean girl, the popular socialite or ‘the fun one’,” and this piece is almost like a tribute to those who have and love their brown hair!

Dyli is a California-native hip-hop/r&b artist whose music we’ve been absolutely loving here! Some of her previous hit singles include “LOE” or “loyalty over everything” with over 100K streams as well as “Cotton Candy” (150K) featuring Dyli’s sister and artist CALYN. Check out “Pretty Brown Hair” down below!

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