PREMIERE: Indulge In iSorin’s Brand New EP ‘Evolve’

In 2023 there’s certainly no shortage of wave music, but the release we’re premiering today is a real happening. Not only because Evolve represents iSorin‘s first solo EP since 2019, but also because it sees him collaborating again with the infallible team. In short, we’re before an all-star lineup assembled for a project that promises (and delivers) a memorable milestone.

With his previous long-format projects, Through the Forcefield and Neon Tundra, the veteran wave producer had proven to be one of the best storytellers around, capable of creating cohesive, almost conceptual, works that were more than just a jumble of tracks. Meticulously crafted over the course of the past three years, Evolve is imbued with this perfectionism and built following a clear-cut overview that makes it an organic listening experience from start to finish. All five tracks (and in some length, also the Noah B remix) are sewn up by this common theme that sounds artificial but feels more human than ever. iSorin’s intention here seems to be to try to approach the ethereal and elusive world of emotions in a scientific way, to break them down into their source code to find a way to enhance a new evolutionary step in the science-feelings-technology dichotomous relationship.

Each song draws inspiration from different niches of iSorin’s musical background (the classic wave sound of ‘Quad-Helix’, the ambient roots of ‘CRISPR-Cas9’) and results in a unique piece of the puzzle.  Combined with all the other bits, they bring to life this new chapter of the iSorin cinematic audio verse. It’s this deft pairing of influences that allows iSorin to give depth and three-dimensionality to Evolve, elevating the EP into a brilliant gem for aesthetes, audiophiles, and clubbers alike.

Listen to Evolve below or on your favorite platform.