KY Richy Gives Intimate Details About The Inspiration Behind His Recent LP No Sad Faces

Eminent Hip-Hop artist KY Richy opens up about the reasons he named the album No Sad Faces. The multi-talented rapper and musician dedicates the 10-track record to his late cousin Nicholas, “No Sad Faces was a term he used frequently while fighting his battle. Our family was sad and grieving but he would simply reply, ‘No Sad Faces’. I think that can reflect on the type of person he was and everyone going through tough times can relate, that no matter how bad things can get, let’s keep a smile on our faces and cherish the time we do have.”

With west coast R&B beats, indie hip hop sounds, and elements of pop rock, Richy manages to create a sound that is distinctive and original, but at the same time authentic to his artistic persona, “Whether with my voice or an instrument, there are so many different ways for me to express myself and you will definitely hear that on this album—or any of my albums for that matter. The ideology is a young musician maturing into a man, a father, a master of the craft. While some songs remain lighthearted, others go more deep down into the mind of Ky Richy.”

No Sad Faces, which channels the struggles KY Richy has had with his addictions,  includes songs like “Got Me,” “On the Clock,” and “Pressure.” The CA native reveals that although he didn’t directly address the topic, this new album is in reality about overcoming bad habits, becoming a father, and growing into the best version of himself.  

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