Buzz Junior – We Go Harder

St. Louis-based producer Buzz Junior has been making a name for himself with a slew of stellar releases, blending an addictive hip-hop signature with blistering bass. He’s released with underground favorites like Partica Artist Group and Gravitas and even won Insomniac’s Discovery Project which led to the release of the incredible ‘Ima Rock ‘ on the iconic label. Today Buzz Junior makes his debut on FUXWITHIT Records with the trap anthem ‘We Go Harder.’

If you’ve been longing for the golden era of electronic trap music – a time when tracks were simpler, more heavily rap-inspired, and straight-up slapped,  then we’ve got something special for you. ‘We Go Harder’ sees Buzz Junior taking trap back to its roots in all the right ways. Anchored by a commanding rap vocal the track reminds you that Buzz Junior goes harder than the rest. Clocking in at just over two minutes it’s a short but impactful banger that’ll have you smashing repeat. The melody is icy, the bounce is immaculate, the drums are crisp and the 808s are hitting right. This is the type of no-nonsense trap anthem we’ve been searching for all year.

For some reason, positive things happen for my music career around my birthday every year so I made a point to finish like 12 WIPs this year and ‘We Go Harder’ was one of them. I’m hoping this one will be something that people listen to in a group setting and get hyped up on the way to shows or important life moments. Some of my favorite artists have released with FUXWITHIT and I feel honored to be part of such an incredible lineup. – Buzz Junior

Stream Buzz Junior’s ‘We Go Harder’ below and all on platforms. Don’t forget to snag the free download.