COFFIN And Jimmy Wit An H Raise The Dead With ‘Street’

Rising from the grave, COFFIN is resurrected with a brand new single called, ‘Street.’ A destructive weapon for any club or festival. A nuke of mass destruction for whoever bears witness. And he’s not alone this time. Joining him on this joyride is non-other than Hip Hop duo, Jimmy Wit An H! Combining the energy from all these artists is dangerous. The talent radiating from their passions is truly unmatched.

COFFIN’s work has taken quite a shine to many within the underground scene. His well-thought-out arrangements can turn any mood into a positive one. And the highly advanced sound design easily stands out and separates his vision from the others. Creating a once in a lifetime experience with each listen. Don’t sleep on Jimmy Wit An H either. Their addictive tones and lyrics can make any track flow into a brand new territory. Creating an unforgettable atmosphere for themselves as well as their audience. They throw in that extra touch of attitude which impacts you even harder. Together, they’ve all created a pure classic for all.

‘Street’ is filled with exciting attributes and characteristics. Right from the start, COFFIN honors Jimmy Wit An H’s style by creating an ominous space for them to take advantage of. The haunting melody mixed with their sinister flow creates a sense of excitement and eagerness to hear what’s coming. With a steady buildup increasing, it keeps the listener on their toes and increases the heart rate due to its sheer impact.

Then all of a sudden, COFFIN strikes us a blast of classic bass house goodness. The rhythm and main bass lead really lets all of them shine at once, and throwing in those little bass stabs is the icing on top. Creating an everlasting chorus throughout. For the breakdown, Jimmy Wit An H make a comeback for a second verse to keep the audience in check with their energy. Finally, they all take a bow with a final chorus to leave any listener off with a satisfying aura surrounding them. So if you love house music and hip hop in general, this is the track you’ve been looking for. Make sure to go support them all by streaming ‘Street’ everywhere!