bitbird Bestow Gracious Gifts Of Sound With ‘Gouldian Finch 5’

Soaring down through the clouds onto a perch of discovery, bitbird have once again gifted listeners with another mind-blowing compilation. Gouldian Finch 5 not only exceeds expectations, but it manages to constantly surprise listeners everywhere from their lineups, to the tracks themselves. Showcasing how open-minded the label is when it comes to great talent and beautiful art all around. And boy what a lineup we have this year!

Artists such as San Holo, Wavedash, Darby, Deliriousninja and many more have all participated by making poetic pieces to ease your worries and soul. Basking in an everlasting light of hope. Hugging and wrapping our hearts in a silk blanket of peaceful tones and grooves. Enlightening us all on what makes these artists and the label so timeless.

From a glitch-infused high-energy tune from Wavedash, to a soft gentle garage and house-infused track by wes mills, it’s a compilation full of spirit-healing therapy sessions. Constantly throwing you back in awe and excitement as each tune gives off pure power and emotion. The perfect way to discover brand-new artists while embracing their majestic characteristics within the sonic field. Easily making this one of their most memorable compilations to date! Bravo to each and every musician on here. Make sure to show your support by streaming Gouldian Finch 5 everywhere via bitbird!