PREMIERE: DROPWIZZ And Buzz Junior Shatter Alternate Timelines With ‘UKting’

Two relentless artists have finally combined forces for an absolute nuke of a tune. Shattering time and space as we know it with crisp drum designs, gritty bass leads, and an arrangement full of attitude. And it’s with great pleasure we premiere DROPWIZZ and Buzz Junior‘s collaboration, ‘UKting.’ A dangerous and uncontainable force of sound to make anyone’s speakers blow. Emanating organic raw energy powerful enough to rewrite life as we know it. Showcasing these artists’ greatest strengths and skills from beginning to end. Equally talented, this dynamic duo really showcases true teamwork and what it means to be on the same wavelength creatively. Honoring each other’s stories while writing a new chapter for each other.

I connected with Kavi a few years ago when we were on a compilation together and I was playing DROPWIZZ – ENCRYPT in my sets pretty regularly. We talked about maybe making something together so I sent some IDs and UKting was born. – Buzz Junior

As Andy aka Buzz Junior said this tune came to be after we both released tracks on a compilation. I’ve known of him for quite some time before but the comp really got us connected. He makes some stellar trap tunes and is a super chill and humble dude, really a pleasure to work with him. We wanted to showcase a blend of our sound with UKting, bouncy drums, gritty synths and thumping 808s! – DROPWIZZ

From a wavy and mysterious tone fluttering through your minds, to their signature styles intertwining beautifully throughout each section, your expectations will be met and then some. Their carefully crafted sound design and bounce-infused groove will only result in a huge smile on your face. Showcasing an evolution in both artist’s execution, and resulting in a classic trap wonderland of excitement. Easily making this a pure hit for many who adore electronic music. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘UKting’ everywhere and grab the free download.