bitbird Announces ‘Gouldian Finch 04′ With Tails’ Dreamy ‘CLOSE2ME’

Surprise! After a hiatus of over two years, bitbird‘s coveted Gouldian Finch compilation is returning for its fourth instalment on October 15th. Last week, we featured Duskus’ ‘Holding U,’ which was the first release from the sure-to-be-stacked ensemble of tunes featuring thirty artists and twenty tracks. Today, Tails returns to the boundary-pushing label with ‘CLOSE2ME,’ the second track from the upcoming collection. If ‘Holding U’ and ‘CLOSE2ME’ are any indication, fans are in for an incredible journey in Gouldian Finch 04.

Known for releases on labels such as Monstercat and bitbird, official remixes for Louis the Child and MATOMA, and collaborations with Juelz and Rome in Silver, there’s no denying Tails’ incredible talent. From dreamy, emotional ballads to tunes that pack a bit more punch, the versatile artist has found an imprint perfectly suited for his range of skill, and ‘CLOSE2ME’ is a great fit for what is shaping up to being a standout compilation. Instantly captivating you with an introduction that builds to a smooth crescendo of energy, Tails leads listeners into an infectious drop riddled with catchy chords, silky vocal chops and gleaming textures. ‘CLOSE2ME’ isn’t too extravagant with its ideas, but the simplicity is executed seamlessly, adding to the hypnotizing appeal of the track.

Don’t miss ‘CLOSE2ME’ below and stay tuned for more from Gouldian Finch 04.