fknsyd Battles An Unknown Darkness With Her ‘Taste.test’ Mixtape

Known for her angelic vocal range and powerful presence, fknsyd has been evolving her skills for some time now. From lending a hand in many projects for artists such as WAVEDASH, Ray Volpe, Slander, and more, to releasing her own beautiful works of art, her path of riches continues to grow brighter and brighter. Working day and night to improve her talents to the highest degree. And with her Taste.test Mixtape, she’s showcasing the pure perseverance and passion within her heart she’s acquired throughout the years. Serenading the broken and emanating a pure light of inspiration for many.

Comprised of nine tracks, the possibilities are endless. Each tune contains its own colorful quality while driving your emotions into an unknown realm. Hypnotizing the listener in the best ways possible with her wonderful storytelling and lyrical design. Weaving a veil of pure serenity around your minds. Clearing those bad thoughts and leaving you in a pure stasis of peace. From euphoric atmospheres, gentle rhythmic structures, and of course her breathtaking vocals, it’ll take you on a cleansing journey of sound. As if you were floating on a leaf flowing down a river of new beginnings. You can easily tell how passionate she is from beginning to end. Making this an easy instant replay! Her best work to date. So make sure to show your support by streaming her Taste.test Mixtape via SoundCloud! We’re excited to hear what’s next for her journey.