Peter Flaherty Delights Fans With Exclusive Album Like A Dog, Baby

Like A Dog, Baby is Peter Flaherty’s sophomore project and latest release, which has quickly become popular with not only his audience but new fans as well. The young artist demonstrates all his might and all of his vulnerability tightly packed into chiseled choruses and verses. Flaherty’s voice oozes emotions, and there is no room left for doubt – he’s about to sweep the music scene off its feet. 

With tens of thousands of streams and counting, Peter Flaherty shares stories of love, experiences that are painted in such precise details emotionally, that it makes one believe Flaherty knows exactly what he’s talking about. There is serene calm in “Circles” and a tiny storm in “Ocean Blue”; there’s extraordinary virtuosity in “That Psycho Interlude” and a sorrowful cry in “Hanging On”. If you love simplicity, Flaherty’s music composed of guitar and vocals is just the thing! 

The indie-folk artist has previously shared A Way, My Love, a 2021 album of fourteen tracks that are just as raw and emotional as ever. A talent bound for mass recognition, Flaherty has much to share yet and we cannot wait for it!