Listen to “Rip Away” by Carsn. Today

Carsn. makes waves with “Rip Away”, his most recent single that has already amassed tens of thousands of streams. A perfectly balanced song, “Rip Away” speaks of a breakup that feels like ripping a bandage off the skin, and even though it’s painful, it is also a necessary part of growth. 

The artist has also shared “General Gentleman”, a song about people in positions of power (or anyone else for that matter) being gentlemen, which is something so basic yet so incredibly important! Carsn. is a young talent born and raised in Texas, US. Already a college graduate, Carsn. dedicates most of his time to creating music that cannot be boxed into a single genre. For years, Carsn. was an athlete and played football for his college team while at the same time educating himself about music theory and production, and making his own rhymes.

With several powerful tracks and new music on the horizon, Carsn. is about to make it big, and we are all for it!