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Mohammed Paika Explores The Essence Of Freedom In New Single “Free”

Mohammed K. Paika’s latest release, “Free,” introduces a different side of the artist, following his romantic singles “Hold Me Tight,” “For The Rest Of Our Lives,” and “Love.” The acclaimed musician focuses on self-love and personal fulfillment, reflecting on the various definitions of freedom and the ways in which it can be achieved. 

According to Mohammed, his intention for the song was to strike a balance between a strong and understated sound. The lyrics were crafted first, and the melody was subsequently developed. For the primary instruments, he and his team opted for a grand piano and bass, complemented by the addition of cellos and bells to enhance the track’s overall impact.

Paika draws heavily from his personal experiences and introspection in his music. In creating “Free,” the team focused on crafting melodies that capture a feeling of soaring through the air.  Mohammed acknowledges that achieving the desired ethereal and weightless vocal style took them approximately a month to master and bring to life. 

He considers the chance to pursue his passion for music with his whole heart as the epitome of freedom. The act of writing, composing, or performing a song before an audience evokes a sense of liberation within him. His music is deeply rooted in his own reflections, and he views the visual portrayal of a song as the ultimate measure of creativity.

Mohammed K. Paika  plans to promote his new album with live shows, performances, and a tour. “Free” represents a refreshing direction for his music, as he continues to explore new themes and sounds while staying true to his artistic identity. The upcoming record, M.H. 1.0, is dedicated to his wife, Huma, and will feature pop, dance, and R&B songs with an energetic and positive vibe. 

Listen to “Free” here: