LISTEN: Tako Tomago Unleashes Hypnotic New Wave Single, “Eviscerate”

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Rising Wave producer Tako Tomago is back showcasing his multifaceted skills in his latest single, “Eviscerate.” Tomago handles production, songwriting, and vocals himself on this release and, as you’ll hear below, it all comes together for a captivating wave record that’s just as catchy as it is hard-hitting and unique. It’s an immersive listening experience and we’re especially liking the pitched-down vocals and punchy drums throughout the drop – hear what we mean by streaming “Eviscerate” via Spotify below and be sure to read what the producer himself has to say about the inspiration behind this release.

“A lot of effort when I’m writing music goes into making something that will translate at the club just as well as it does listening in headphones at home. In pursuit of that balance, there are beautiful musical dualities discovered. In the case of “Eviscerate”, vulnerable and intimate vocals pave the way for a confident and powerful drop that showcases the hard-hitting Wave sound I’ve come to love. The ability to combine emotions and feels, ultimately leaving the listener feeling connected and inspired, is something that draws me back to the studio again and again.”

Tako Tomago – Eviscerate | Stream

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LISTEN: Tako Tomago Unleashes Hypnotic New Wave Single, “Eviscerate”