Brian Ligon Impresses The Jazz Community With Nowhere But Here II

Multi-talented producer Brian Ligon continues to expand his horizons, catching the attention of many industry professionals with his chart-topping instrumental album Nowhere But Here II. The Jazz musician’s 13-track record that includes “Bad,” “Select,” “Fly Away,” “Carnival,” “Funk,” “Run It,” “Lady,” “2040,” and others brings a refreshing new breath to the scene.

Collaborating with Stephen Gibb, Doug Emery, Carlos Alvarez, and Jim “Pinky” Beeman, Ligon delivers a new sound, as he experiments with different styles such as Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Experimental, Jazz Funk, and Cool Jazz. All of his original recordings are curated relying on his sophisticated taste and indisputable talent.

Having produced for big names like Beyoncé and Drake, Brian Ligon reveals that his creative approach changes according to the artist, “While producing music for Beyoncé I’m focused on composing new original music to showcase her vocal greatness. I’m an old soul but I try to incorporate all my musical influences including Jazz, R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop, and Pop to create a unique modern musical landscape for her to explore artistically as well as to sing using her range as a vocalist.” 

 Nowhere But Here II, reached number one on the iTunes charts, following Nowhere But Here I, released about six years ago. 
Listen to Nowhere But Here II on Spotify: