What So Not & Slumberjack Return To Their Roots With ‘Uh Uh’

When it comes to Aussie electronic music exports, few are finer than What So Not & Slumberjack. Both emerged on the scene almost a decade ago when electronic trap was at its peak in popularity. While their styles evolved over the years, its seems they haven’t forgotten their roots with the release of a masterful trap anthem entitled ‘Uh Uh.’ The single is everything we’ve been missing (and are finally starting to see re-emerge). Infectious vocal chops and uplifting chants give the track swells of emotion and humanize it without the need for a topline or hook. The chords are off-kilter and adventurous. There are swords clashing. The percussion pounds, driving the entire track. There’s an underlying tribal influence that provides a rich cinematic aesthetic. ‘Uh Uh’ sees the veteran producers’ styles collide for a banger that is near perfect. This is what the world needs more of in 2023.

Morgan (& later 1/2 Slumberjack; Fletcher, stranded in Sydney) & I went about channeling our inner 2012; giant characterised drums, chopped & bent vocal cuts & some emotional & wonky chords. We pretty much had the whole thing done in one afternoon & here is what it sounds like! – What So Not

Stream ‘Uh Uh’ below and everywhere via Jadu Dala.