Acyan Harnesses Energy Beyond Belief With His ‘MASCULTURE’ EP

Making a massive debut on OTHERWRLD, Acyan‘s new EP is finally here to deliver pure chaos. Showcasing his development and evolution within his skills, techniques, and artistic image. Creating yet another masterpiece and finding a wonderful home for it with this infamous label. The MASCULTURE EP perfectly combines violent arrangements, top-tier sound design, and drums to make any stage collapse into the earth. This is an EP you’ll have on repeat time and time again due to its colorful nature and sporadic personality throughout.

Acyan’s history in the spectrum is quite impressive so far. From stellar releases on Phuture Collective, SILKENWOOD, and Full Flex Audio, to mind-blowing singles consisting of a wide range of genres and textures, the sky’s the limit for this up-and-coming icon. Showing no mercy on each of his works. He even has a wild collaboration with KRANE! Not to mention he’s also a member of Project Karraki. And this new EP will instantly have many eyes looking his way if they weren’t already.

Consisting of six eye-opening tunes, the pacing of this journey is simply extraordinary. One of the shining qualities is how unpredictable it is. Never knowing what you might hear next. From a punk-infused environment with ‘INSIDE,’ to a melodic garden of remedy from ‘CHERRY BLOSSOM,’ the adaptability of his tastes is just wonderful in his productions. Something for many no matter what track you choose. It’s a cinematic experience from start to finish. So make sure to show your support by streaming the MASCULTURE EP everywhere via OTHERWRLD.