W IN K Delivers A New Found Force Of Nature With ‘NUKID’

Continuing to scale skyscrapers of sound and rhythm, W IN K is back yet again with a monstrous new single. And on top of this excitement, it’s his first track with the prestigious label, Sable Valley. He calls it ‘NUKID.’ Representing the title to the utmost degree, the artist has been working day and night to deliver some of the best electronic music this scene has ever heard. Consisting of powerful drums, brain-exploding sound design, and high energy. Ready to hit the stages in any scenario. And with the scene constantly changing, his style has no boundaries and can adapt to any type of setting or evolution. If you don’t believe us, just check out his discography and become immersed in his newly developed journey.

‘NUKID’ tackles what makes W IN K’s style truly memorable and unmatched. Debuted in his W IN K AND YOU’LL MISS IT! VOL. 1 showcase, fans were eager to hear this journey in its entirety. Completely throwing you off guard from beginning to end, it’s a ride you’ll never want to leave. From a euphoric and gentle introduction of melody and soft drums to a ray of beaming light throughout the chorus, this not only honors the artist’s way of expression but the label’s vision as well. The bass-fueled environment combined with an outstanding vocal choice as a lead really is the icing on the cake. Not to mention how creatively he molds his sound design rhythms.

Each section shines in its own way and fashion. Even the breakdown gives off a soothing feeling running through your veins. And when the final chorus hits, it ties everything in a neat bow. Immediately confirming this is a W IN K tune all around. We’re stoked to hear where he goes next. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘NUKID’ everywhere via Sable Valley!