UZ's Final Album 'Trinity' Is A Masterfully Written,Triumphant Finish To The Trap Legend's Story

Few artists are lucky and talented enough to have a career as dynamic and enthralling as UZ, the shadowy, formerly masked trap maestro. To close out the UZ project, the french producer gave us one last album – and it is an outstanding body of work.

This album will remind every fan of trap music exactly why they fell in love with the genre. It flows seamlessly from UZ’s signature dark and delicate sounds to bombastic hip hop bangers. It features fellow trap legend HUCCI as well as contemporary heavyweights like Holly and Bishu, as well as grime MC Snowy.

On the title of the album, UZ told YourEDM:

I started working on Trinity about one and a half years ago. I have always been a prolific artist but I really wanted to take my time on this last album. I have been writing music under the influence for the past 15 years or so but fortunately I became totally sober almost 2 years ago, so this was going to be a different approach to the writing process.

This is an album worthy of a full listen through. Pop on a good pair of headphones, or crank up your speakers and keep your sub on full blast and enjoy the best of the best doing his thing.

UZ – Trinity | Stream


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UZ’s Final Album ‘Trinity’ Is A Masterfully Written,Triumphant Finish To The Trap Legend’s Story